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HTML Encoder

Using Polypad this scripts encodes plain HTML data which helps to show the character encoded HTML text.

What is a HTML Encoder?

HTML Encoding is an opposite of the decoding process. In the encoding process, the specially decoded characters are converted back to their original form. It encodes a string that contains HTML numeric character references and returns the encoded string.

  • HTML encode is very unique tool to encode plain html.
  • This tool saves your time and helps to encode HTML data.

How to use HTML Encoder?

Using the HTML Encoder script with Polypad is very easy. Let’s say we have some text string that we would like to encode. Simply paste the HTML text down below into Polypad.

<div class="developer>

Press cmd/ctrl + p depending on your operating system and search for the HTML Encode script and select it. The expected output should read:

&#x3C;div class=&#x22;developer&#x3E;