Stop Pasting Your
Code into Random

Polypad is a cross-platform textpad that lets you quickly generate or transform text using JavaScript.

JSON Formatter
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Lighting fast workflow

Say hello to saving time!

Polypad lets you add custom scripts to transform text. Need to format a json string? or perhaps beautify your code? No Problem.

  • Local-First Software
  • Text Generators
  • Converter
  • Minimal code required

A Textpad designed to do more with less coding.

Whether you are a beginner or pro with JavaScript, Creating scripts for Polypad is very straight forward.

Polypad Textpad - Resuable Scripts

Resuable Scripts

Write your script once and reuse it many times!

Polypad Textpad - Simplified Macros

Simplified Macros

Create the scripts you commonly use with minimal lines of code.

Polypad Textpad - Cross Platform


Utilize your favorite scripts across multiple operating systems such as macOS and Windows. Linux (coming soon)

Polypad Scriptable Textpad
Polypad Custom Scripts

The Premier Scriptable Textpad

Say hello to saving time! Created for the curious, perform whichever transformation you desire with minimal amounts of code.

Polypad Textpad - For Developers

For developers

No matter your level or job title Polypad offers powerful developer textpad to help you transform text.

Polypad Textpad - For Enthusiast

For Enthusiasts

If you are not a software developer by trade, that is ok! Harness Polypad to create something outside of your imagination.

Polypad Textpad - For Teams

For teams

Sharing code does not have to be painful! Utilize Polypad to quickly relay concepts and examples to teammates.

Download Polypad and start transforming text today