Frequently Asked Questions

Difference between Personal/Business Licenses?

A personal license key will have your name on it, while a business license key will normally have the company name, in accordance with what is entered during checkout.

Does Polypad work with Windows?

Yes Polypad is designed to work on multiple operating systems and computers.

Can I Use a Personal License at Work?

As licenses are per-user, you are welcome to use your license key on all computers where you are the primary user, including at work.

Do you offer site licenses or group purchases?

Site licenses are not offered for Polypad. Group buying is not supported. The bulk license keys are only for use within a single company.

Can I use Polypad on different Machines?

Licenses are per-user, rather than per-machine, so you can enjoy Polypad on as many computers and operating systems as you wish with your licenses.

Is there a free trial?

Yes, we offer a limited version of Polypad, which comes with standard scripts. Play around with it!

Do I get free updates?

A license is valid for Polypad, and includes all point updates, as well as access to prior versions. Future major versions may require a paid upgrade.

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