October 22, 2020
1 min read

What Is Vanilla JavaScript?

What do you know about vanilla JavaScript? Well, aside from being a tasty custard dessert, Vanilla JavaScript was not written for a specific platform or framework, and can be used on both client-side and server-side. In this blog post we’ll discuss the basics of the javascript language, where it came from and how you can use it in your own applications!

What is vanilla JavaScript?

Vanilla JavaScript is a pure form of JavaScript that doesn’t rely on any frameworks or libraries. The term “vanilla” is used because it is a simple and plain option. It doesn’t come with any additional baggage that reduces performance.

Why use vanilla JavaScript?

Over the years as Javascript has grown in popularity the web development community have began to ditch frameworks such as JQuery to write similar code using pure Javascript. Vanilla JavaScript, or plain JavaScript, is the most common type of JavaScript used on the web today. If a website was created using HTML and CSS, it’s likely that a plain JavaScript library was also used. This makes sense because vanilla JavaScript has many benefits over other types of JavaScript libraries. Plain javascript allow websites to load faster and make more sense for search engine optimization (SEO).

Resources to learn more about JavaScript

There are many resources available that offer tutorials and guides to teach people about Vanilla JavaScript. If you are looking to learn more about writing plain js feel free to browse Google, Youtube or even Udemy.