March 26, 2022
3 mins read

6 Reasons to learn Javascript In 2022 and beyond

6 Reasons to learn Javascript In 2022 and beyond

Javascript is everywhere. It’s in all browsers, on websites, it’s used to create detailed interactive maps of the world or communicate in chat apps. Learning javascript is a great way to learn to code. It is a programming language used by many of the world’s leading websites and companies.

While Javascript is not my primary language of choice, it is a language I use daily to do tedious tasks; let’s get rid of that battle. I’ll give you compelling reasons why JavaScript represents a safe bet when choosing a programming language.

1. JavaScript Lives in the Browser, and It Runs Everywhere

JavaScript is the standard language of the web, and you can use it to build applications for all sorts of platforms. It is a programming language that is used to make web pages interactive. Without JavaScript, web pages would be static and boring. You may have noticed that cool animation that appeared when you browsed a website or a particular web page’s cool, neat scrolling. Whether you use Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, etc., javascript runs in all of the mentioned software.

2. It’s a fairly powerful programming language

While javascript is a powerful programming language, it is also slightly tricky to learn certain concepts because it was designed to write one thing only – web pages. The good news is that JavaScript is not a strictly typed language, so you’re free of worrying about explicitly declaring string, integers, or other primitive types.

While javascript is primarily used on the web, you can use it in almost all devices nowadays, whether to make mobile applications or modern web applications and other types of applications for any device or platform.

3. Large Programming Community

As one of the most popular programming languages, Javascript has a massive community of very skilled programmers. Initially, it may seem not very important, but as you start learning and need help, the size of the community can matter. In the case of Javascript developers, you would probably get help much faster than in a case when the community is not so numerous. On Stack Overflow, for example, there are a lot of subreddits for people looking for help. It is always better to talk to someone with more experience than you when trying to find a better way to do something because they will have more knowledge and insight.

4. Easy to learn the basics

Javascript is beginner-friendly programming that you can learn with no previous programming experience. There are no unnecessary installations required with vanilla JavaScript. The learning curve is gentle and very seamless once you get started. It does not take any time at all to learn the programming language basics; you can learn the fundamental things such as:

  • Printing hello world
  • How to declare a variable
  • Adding two numbers
  • Concatenating strings, etc.

In a few minutes and start creating simple programs or applications. You do not need any specific development environment setup because you can run and test your code in any web browser or offline supported javascript console.

5. Thousands of Job Offers Online

Learning Javascript will make you a very marketable candidate in the tech industry. With javascript being used on the web and to power backend web applications, looking for a job should be pretty painless. The demand on the market is huge for front-end and backend Javascript developers. If you are curious about the type of job roles listed out there, you can take a look at a few job boards such as Monster. or Indeed or professional portals like LinkedIn.

6. One of Most Popular Programming Language in the World

While many programming languages are used in the tech world, javascript remains a top language for its ease of use and versatility. As stated earlier in this article, there are many resources to learn Javascript online. The programming language is important because it has an expansive and open community. All you need is a tablet or computer and internet connection to get started, unless you love writing code on paper. If you are looking to use a programming language that will be around for years to come, then I definitely recommend adding javascript to your developer toolbox.