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Building a WordPress password generator in Polypad
August 2022

Building a WordPress password generator in Polypad

Have you forgotten your password again? No worries I forget mine as well from time to time. If you have […]

April 2022

Introducing Scriptist: Script manager for Polypad

Ever wanted to try out a new Polypad script without spending time writing it? If your answer is Yes then […]

6 Reasons to learn Javascript In 2022 and beyond
March 2022

6 Reasons to learn Javascript In 2022 and beyond

Javascript is everywhere. It’s in all browsers, on websites, it’s used to create detailed interactive maps of the world or […]

January 2022

Polypad open in browser extension

As a software developer, I often want to “pipe” text from my browser window directly into Polypad. Today, I would […]

March 2021

How to create a GUID / UUID

What Is A UUID And How To Generate One? A UUID or Universally Unique Identifier is a 128-bit value formatted […]

March 2021

ES6: Writing modern javascript using let, var and const keywords

Since it’s release in 2015, Javascript ECMAScript 2015 (ES6) has brought modern programming concepts and paragigms to the language. Many […]

October 2020

Converting CSV To JSON Using JavaScript

JSON is a lightweight data-interchange format that’s used to store numbers and collections of key-value pairs. It can be used […]

October 2020

What Is Vanilla JavaScript?

What do you know about vanilla JavaScript? Well, aside from being a tasty custard dessert, Vanilla JavaScript was not written […]

October 2020

Pretty Printing JSON to Make it More Readable

JSON is a popular way to encode data objects in a format that’s easy for both humans and machines to […]

September 2020

A scriptable textpad

Welcome to the Polypad blog. We have created this blog to keep users informed throughout the development process and post-development. […]